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Getting A Mortgage For Your Next Home

Have you ever gotten a loan before? Not a personal loan, but a mortgage home loan. Although they are both loans, the process of getting a mortgage is very different than your average loan.

With three separate, but important stages of committing to a mortgage it can be easy to get confused without reviewing your options, the process, requirements, and more. If you’re looking to purchase a house in the near future – read on so you can stay on top of this process and get the best deal you can.

How Can You Start Applying For Your Mortgage?

The first step in getting approved for your upcoming mortgage is to become aware of your options. There are several stages of applying for a mortgage, but you don’t have to wait to apply! Start your application today.

Easy Ways To Apply


Over The Phone


Apply Online


Apply In Person

Do You Need A Lender?

NextHome Legends loves to help families find their perfect homes. However, you will need a lender that can help your family get the lowest rate and most buying power for your next dream home.

Start Your Mortgage Journey

So you’ve checked your financial forecast, you have all your documents, and you’re ready to start looking for your next home. You can start the mortgage process before looking at home or your local NextHome Legends realtor will recommend you start the process before making any serious offers.

As you begin this journey it is important to understand some basic procedures of applying for a home loan. For example, pre-qualification is one of the beginning steps in the mortgage process, but it isn’t an official piece of evidence of your ability to pay for your new home. Be prepared as you hunt for your next ‘home sweet home’ by learning more about the mortgage application process.

Find The Perfect Lender To Help Your Family

Here at NextHome Legends – we follow a specific motto, “Family, community, and collaboration for a better today and tomorrow”. This means helping make your family’s lives better, especially when you’re looking to buy your home.

We often recommend the follow lenders to our client’s due to their professionalism, undeniable skill and powerful results. If you have any questions about starting the mortgage process – contact one of them below and let them know we sent you!

Jill TaylorGateway Mortgage
Jill Taylor
Gateway Mortgage

You can click below to learn more about Jill Taylor and Gateway Mortgage

Renee CrowderUniversity Lending Group
Renee Crowder
University Lending Group

You can click below to learn more about University Lending Group.

Spencer MurphyFirst Financial Mortgage
Spencer Murphy
First Financial Mortgage

You can click below to learn more about First Financial Mortgage

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